Forklift Train the Trainer

With tens of thousands of Forklift Academy occurring each year in the United States, it’s no wonder that the Warehouse Safety Act of 1970 mandated training and certification for forklift operators. It also requires trainers to undergo training and certification so they can effectively instruct workers on proper forklift safety measures. However, a forklift train the trainer isn’t as simple as finding someone to take a forklift course and then sending them on their way. Training forklift trainers is a highly technical and specialized job that requires people who understand the ins and outs of warehouse safety regulations and the various forklift models and types. It’s much like coaching, so putting the right people in the position can make all the difference in your forklift training program.

Elevating Standards: The Impact of Forklift Train-the-Trainer Certification on Safety

Look for a quality train the trainer program that is upfront about all costs and includes all training materials. It’s important to pick a class that is not too large and offers ongoing support for trainers after the class. This ensures that trainers will be able to ask questions and receive answers. Additionally, a good trainer needs to be proficient in both the classroom and practical training.

An ARA member can offer forklift operator training and train the trainer to its own employees, customers, and others, providing a revenue stream. The forklift train the trainer is the best option for a rental operation because it will provide your employees with the ability to certify forklift operators and also teach them the skills necessary for a safe work environment.