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At two industrial-looking native smokes near me on the remote New York reservation of Akwesasne, dozens of workers produce cigarettes in the shapes of dolphins and tigers. They bear the brand name Native. The plants are federally licensed and regulated, employ dozens of people in a region with high unemployment and are key contributors to the reservation economy, tribal officials say. But they have another characteristic that has made them a problem for state and local law enforcement agencies: their products lack tax stamps, ending up among the tens of millions of confiscated cartons now piled in a warehouse in Schenectady County leased by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Cigarette sales from Indian reservations have become a major source of smuggled cigarettes across the country. State and local authorities have been unable to stop the flow because of a lack of resources and the tobacco industry’s refusal to crack down on smuggling, which would hurt its bottom line.

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The smuggling of cigarettes is especially problematic for American Indians, who have the highest current cigarette smoking rate in the United States of any other racial or ethnic group. Despite the dangers of commercial tobacco, tribes continue to grow and sell the product as a way to make money and keep their communities strong.

A visit to a smoke shop on the Mohawk reservation, Doogie’s, shows the challenge of preventing illegal cigarette sales. Two lonely-looking gas pumps stand in the midst of a clutter of signs advertising Newports, Marlboros and Kools. Smoke shop operators say tobacco company sales representatives visit their stores monthly to check inventory and product placement, change sign and pricing information, and offer discounts in exchange for prominent shelf space.

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