Tesla Model X Battery Size


In general, the more kilowatt-hours (kWh) that are contained in a battery pack for a given vehicle, the farther it can travel on a single charge. There are many factors that determine range, including the temperature of the battery and driving style.

tesla model x battery size
The tesla model x battery size in the Roadster and Model S were made up of 18650-type cells (3.7v cells, cylindrical with a diameter of 18mm x 65mm). This was the standard lithium ion cell type available at the time – they are still very common. Later, the Model 3 and Y switched to 2170-type cells with NCA or LFP chemistry. In 2022, Tesla started producing its own 4680-type battery cells with a proprietary LFP chemistry – these are currently used in the Model S SR and Y Long Range versions.

2023 Tesla X: Features and Performance Highlights

If you want to know exactly what battery pack is in your Model S or X, you’ll need to visit a service center and have the technician access the vehicle’s system. They can also check your battery health and see what capacity is available, though this information may not be updated in real-time.

It is also worth noting that a Tesla’s battery does consume around 1% per day when it’s parked, even without the driver using any features like preconditioning or Sentry Mode. This can cause the car to appear to have less range than it actually does. The 1% rate will slow down the longer the car is left unplugged, and can be reduced by deactivating some features or by following a preheat routine.